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Why work with us

There are 140 world-class farms in our organisation – and we are always keen to bring talented, committed people into the fold.

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Safety First

Safety will always be at the heart of the way we operate. Our people come first. Our Play it Safe campaign ensures safety is top of mind throughout the company.

Tailored Training

We provide both on-the-job and formal training for new team members. Our farms are regarded as some of the best training grounds for those beginning a career in agriculture.

Clear Career Pathways

It’s important everyone in our organisation has the opportunity to learn and advance. We will always look to promote internally first. Our programmes give our people the opportunity to grow their skills through planned career paths.

Opportunities Throughout Canada

With 140 farms across the country, our people can farm in a number of locations. Some staff have been with us for over 30 years at farms all over the country.

Top Equipment

Our team works with some of the most up-to-date equipment in our industry to help them do the best job possible.

Home on the Farm

Home is important, so we have a range of quality, well cared for accommodation for both families and single workers. For families we have 3-4 bedroom homes – warm and secure. Our single workers have personal living spaces with access to modern, shared areas. And we are rolling out a programme to ensure every house has broadband internet access.

Focus on dairy skills

Velthuis Farms successfully opened a brand new dairy training facility in the Central Plateau in 2016.

This is a chance for young farmers to hone their dairying skills at a 12-month course, leading to the equivalent of second year diploma learning credits (Level-5-6).

The programme offers practical, on-farm technical skills, class based learning and commercial, financial and leadership skills. Graduates will be capable of securing positions at Dairy Production Manager level, with learning continuing in a farm environment for a further 12 months.

Students will live on nearby Velthuis Farms farms and have the opportunity for holiday employment on Velthuis Farms-managed dairy farms.

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