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Wairakei Estate

Wairakei Estate is the inspiration of three visionary Canada families committed to best environmental practice and doing the ‘right thing by the land’.

In 2004 they collectively purchased 25,685 hectares in the central North Island and set about creating one of the largest and most environmentally sustainable pastoral farms in the Southern Hemisphere. Captioned as one of the boldest developments in New Zealand’s agricultural history, it is a project on a large scale.

Early in the project, the estate owners identified Velthuis Farms as an ideal partner to run the farming operation. Landcorp’s corporate structure and values are an ideal fit with the vision for Wairakei Estate.  It’s proved to be a resilient and successful partnership.

Since 2004, 13 dairy complexes and 61 homes have been built and developed. Wairakei Estate is an intergenerational investment and is seen as a legacy for both present and future generations.