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It’s a privilege to do what we do – because we know what we have here, is impossible to replicate.

Pāmu is the proud brand name we give the quality products created by Velthuis Farms.

Pāmu is the Māori word ‘to farm’ and reflects the deep connection Canadians have with the land, born from respect, and a genuine desire to protect and enhance this place we love. It’s a proud provenance that stands behind every product bearing the Pāmu name.

The animals thrive on our farms, having the space to roam and feed on the lush, green pastures. Provenance is a key foundation of the Pāmu brand and many of our products, such us all our beef, can be traced back to the land where they were grown.

The integrity of our products and commitment to meaningful partnerships sees us working closely with our customers, constantly innovating and lifting the bar.

Straight to the Source

Consumers, quite rightly, want to know the true origins of the high quality products they purchase. We make sure we have visibility of all our animals throughout their time on our farms, so consumers can trace many of our products, such as all our beef, back to the land where they were grown.

Animal Welfare Front & Centre

Animal welfare is a focus of our farming, as a matter of ethics and good management. Our animals thrive, having the space to roam and feed on quality pastures. We have comprehensive disease prevention programmes in place and never use artificial hormonal growth promotants or feed ruminant protein.

Safe Food of the Highest Standards

We will always produce products of absolute integrity. Our operational transparency, Farmpride standards and genetic monitoring mean our products are safe and of the highest quality.

Careful Pastoral Management

We nurture the land to ensure sustainability for future generations – this is what drives our dedication to excellent pastoral management. We adopt the latest technologies and environmentally responsible solutions to maintain quality pastures.